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Rubberwood Scrub Brush Duo

A Japanese inspired, zero-waste scrubbing brush.

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This pack includes:
1x Soft Scrub kit (soft scrub jar, wooden scoop, how to guide)
1x Rubberwood Scrub Brush

About the brush:
Comfortable to hold FSC certified rubber wood base to make the ultimate natural scrub brush.
A blend of 2x natural fibres:
• Tampico (cactus) holds water to keep your brush wet
• Rice root (Mexican native grass) is tough and springy to give a good scrub
• FSC certified Rubberwood comfort grip

Plastic Free – ensuring no micro-plastics will make their way down your drains to the ocean.
Biodegradable – Compost to breakdown naturally

How to Use

Brush Care: Rinse and stand on its bristles to drain away from the timber. Do not leave the timber soaking in water. Compost at end of life.


Tampico fibre, Rice Root, Rubberwood.

Ethically handmade in Sri Lanka - this product supports a small community of women under Fair Trade.


Length: 16cm
Width: 6cm
Depth: 7cm