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Rosemary Fields - Foaming Hand Wash Duo

A non toxic, sustainable and economic hand soap.

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Rosemary Fields is a refreshing natural handwash with zesty scents. This foaming bottle can be refilled again and again!

Each pack comes with 1x empty foaming pump bottle (400ml) with 1x pouch that provides 2 refills - just add water!


Handmade with natural ingredients.
See individual product ingredients for more details.


1. Squeeze half pouch (60ml) into foaming bottle.
2. With distilled, filtered or cool boiled water, fill foaming bottle 2cm from top.
3. Attach lid. Gently agitate to mix.

Size and Packaging

Size: 120mL Pouch which provides 2 refills.

Packaging: BPA free pouch.