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Amber Botanics

Mighty Muscles - Soothing Blend

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Mighty Muscles - Soothing Blend is our go-to for muscle aches and pains.
This blend not only cools and soothes the body, but can be used to reduce discomfort and symptoms when applied and massaged into aching areas.

Why we love?
This is perfect to use as a natural pain reliever and works to stop the cause too!


Fractionated coconut oil

Frankinscense essential oil
For pain relief and swelling.

Wintergreen essential oil
Soothes skin, itches and aches. Antibacterial and reduces discomfort.

Peppermint essential oil
Encourages muscle relaxation and pain relief, reducing discomfort.

Copaiba essential oil
Helps reduce skin irritation and itching, anti-inflammatory and anti-congestion.

Lemon myrtle essential oil
Anti-imflammatory, anti-bacterial and helps to clear airways.

Application: Roll & rub onto abdomen, around armpits, wrists or chest. Inhale.
Always patch test before use.

Size: 10mL

Packaging: Amber glass vial with stainless steel roller balls. These are refillable!

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