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Large Coconut Fibre Bottle Brush

A flexible plant-based brush for hard to reach places.

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This eco-friendly Bottle brush has been designed to reach all those hard to access corners where your hand doesn’t fit. The flexible brush can even be bent to clean decanters or vases that flare out at the base.

This bottle brush won’t become smelly or mouldy with use, and once it has reached the end of its life simply throw it in the compost to biodegrade naturally.

Plastic free – means zero microplastic pollution
Naturally Antibacterial – always smells fresh and mould free
Non-greasy – fats and oils don’t congeal on the surface, they simply wash off
Non-Abrasive – Will not scratch surfaces
Dishwasher Safe – Heat resistant and easy to clean

How to Use

Gently scrub bottles and hard to reach places. Rinse and dry after use.

Wet or dry use.

Brush Care:
Rinse and place in your dish rack to dry. Dishwasher safe.


Coconut fibre, Galvanized wire

Ethically handmade in Sri Lanka - this product supports a small community of women under Fair Trade.


Length: 34cm (Brush Head Length: 14cm)
Width: 4cm