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Happy Hormones - Monthly Blend

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A blend to promote calmness and decrease pain during your mentstrual cycle.

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Our Happy Hormones - Womens Blend is perfect for that time of the month. This blend scent creates a sense of calm and soothe the body and mind and can be used to reduce discomfort when applied and massaged into the abdomen.


• Fractionated coconut oil

• Clary sage essential oil - Promotes calmness and relaxation. Can soothe the abdomen and help manage irritability as it is known to have antispasmodic qualities.

• Lavender essential oil - Encourages muscle relaxation and can improve blood flow, reducing discomfort.

• Bergamot essential oil - Uplifting scent, stress reducing and calming.

• Ylang Ylang essential oil - A mood enhancing oil known to have antispasmodic qualities.

• Fennel essential oil - A soothing aroma, known to have antispasmodic qualities.

• Geranium essential oil - Can enhance circulation and has been known to reduce blood pressure.


Roll & rub onto abdomen, around armpits, wrists or chest. Inhale.
Always patch test before use.

Size and Packaging

Size: 10mL

Packaging: Amber glass vial with stainless steel roller balls. These are refillable!

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