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Fountain of Youth - Skin Blend

A natural serum to prevent signs of aging.

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Our Fountain of Youth - Skin Blend is a blend of essential oils that can promote a healthy glow and signs of aging. It is packed full of anti-inflammatory and skin soothing essential oils, amazing for blemishes, irritation and aging.


• Organic Rosehip oil - Packed with vitamins and nutrients promoting healthy glowing skin.

• Geranium essential oil - Clears redness and irritation, tightens the skin and promotes regeneration of new skin.

• Frankincense essential oil - Tightens pores & promotes healing of cuts, wounds and scars.

• Cedarwood essential oil - Soothes skin irritation such as eczema and dryness.

• Copaiba essential oil - Promotes clear blemish-free skin.

• Lavender essential oil - Reduces redness. Healing qualities can improve conditions acne, age spots and eczema.


Roll onto face after cleansing, morning and night, before applying moisturiser.
Always patch test before use.

Size and Packaging

Size: 10mL

Packaging: Amber glass vial with stainless steel roller balls. These are refillable!