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Emu Dreaming 1 - Limited Edition Headband

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Twist Style Headband

These limited edition headbands feature a unique fabric designed by First Nation artist Margaret Nangala Gallagher as part of Warlukurlangu Artists, aboriginal-owned art centre.

Headbands available for babies, kids and adults.

Sizing (Circumference):

Baby - 37-45cm

Small - 46-52cm

Regular - 49-58cm

Story behind the piece: 'Ngapa Jukurrpa' / Water Dreaming

The country associated wit this 'ngapa Jukurrpa' (water Dreaming) is Mikanji, a watercourse that is usually dry. There are 'mulju' (soakage) in this creek bed. The 'kirda' (owners) of this Dreaming site are the Nangala/Nampijinpa and Jangala/Jampijinpa men. This artwork tells the story of three water Dreaming tracks. The water Dreaming travelled from Puyurru, northwest of Yuendumu, to a 'mulju' (soakage) in the Mikanji creek, it unleashed a huge storm, where two blind woman sat. They both strained their eyes to see the sky, tears forming in their eyes, creating the rain. Their spirits can still be seen at the Mikanji in the form of two 'ngapiri' (river red gums) growing near the soakage.

For more information about Margaret and the Warlukurlangu Artists' work,

Handmade with 93% cotton, 7% elastane fabric.

Washing: Cold hand wash. Do not iron.