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Coconut Fibre Vegie Brush

Gentle on your food, to scrub away any dirt, germs or pesticides.

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This 100% natural coconut fibre vegie brush is designed to be gentle on your food while effectively scrubbing away any dirt, germs or pesticides lingering on the outer skin.

• Plastic free – means zero microplastic pollution
• Ethically Handmade – supporting women producers in Sri Lanka
• Vegan Certified – no hidden animal products
• 100% Natural – made from the outer husk of mature coconuts, a by-product of the coconut industry
• Long-lasting – coconut fibre keeps its shape, strength and scrubability
• Naturally Antibacterial – always smells fresh and mould free

Plastic free, Vegan, Biodegradable.

Brush Care:

Rinse and place in your dish rack to dry. Dishwasher safe.

Ethically handmade in Sri Lanka - this product supports a small community of women under Fair Trade.

How to Use

Tip: By scrubbing instead of peeling, you are keeping all the nutrients, vitamins and fibre in the skin that are so important in a healthy diet.

Wet or dry use.


Sisal fibre, Galvanized wire, Alstonia Timber, Cotton Cord


Length: 19.5cm (Brush Head Length: 8.5cm)
Width: 7cm
Depth: 4cm