Our Story

Our Mission is to create a positive impact.

Amber Botanics is a family owned business, with mother, Tania handcrafting our natural products, and daughter, Allana getting it out to the world!

A note from Tania;
I started making products many years ago to reduce the toxins in our home. We had spent hundreds of dollars on natural deodorants that didn’t work, and I was determined to find something that was safe for my daughters to use, just as my mother had always steered my sister and I away from using toxic chemicals on our bodies.

After many batches of tweaked recipes, we finally had a deodorant paste we could be proud of. One that worked so well, we knew we would never go back to toxic deodorants. Ever since then, we have been replacing nasty products with natural ingredients, and we couldn't be happier.

We love what we do. Between my 2 daughters, myself and a bunch of like-minded friends, we test and tweak our products 'til we're ready to share it with our locals. For some products, this takes years - but we strive to make the best handmade products at an affordable price.

I’m so excited about the future for Amber Botanics as we grow our range and not only improve our bodies and homes, but the environment.

  • Aussie Made & Owned

    We are proud to be running an Aussie family business, handcrafting products in small batches.

    Locally Sourced
    We source ingredients and packaging locally and ethically. We are strong believers in supporting small local businesses, just like us.

  • No Hidden Ingredients

    All Natural
    With natural products that work as well as ours, there is no need to hide.

    Low Toxins
    We make our products with minimal preservatives. In rare circumstances where water content can grow bacteria, we use the highest grade, cleanest preservatives possible.

  • Sustainable Packaging

    Our Bottles
    We use recycable glass, and where it is not practical, we substitutate this for HDPE, PET or PP plastics.

    Your Orders
    We always repurpose packing materials and use compostable mailing bags where possible. Opt in for recycled boxes, or a shiny new cardboard box that can be recycled.