What you're saying about us!

"Loving these goodies from Amber Botanics. Handmade, all natural ingredients & smells absolutely divine!"

"Loving these natural homemade products sooo much"



"So I put it to the test.. Safe to say I'm not going back!"

"Started using this deodorant a month ago and was skeptical but I can honestly say even on warm days or when I put it to the test I have never had a problem! Love this deodorant!"

"Absolutely love the deodorant! It's the best natural deodorant I've used and it's lasted a full sweat seassion at F45 and netball games which is a huge tick and I also on't need to reapply ever! Thank you for creating such a great product!"

"I'm LOVING the deodorant. It's helped my skin so much. All the store bought ones dry my skin out and it looked so gross lol now it's smooth and normal again :P"

"My husband and I have been using these deodorants for a while now with NO ISSUES! No stinging, no smelling, no nasties! Especially incase my little man gets into my things!"

"Nothing I love more than natural products that actually work, smell amazing and have all the benefits. Natural deodorant has been one of those hard to find items. Seriously, I've been to that many health food stores and tried the lot, majority I find just make the smell worse, to the point I ended up going back to the nasty supermarket sprays :| Pretty bloody impressed that this little creation ticks all the boxes, lasted me through the sweetiest of sessions this morning and I couldn't believe  how much more I sweated (good thing!). Safe to say I've found my go to!"



"Omg I love the lip balm so much. Smells SO good I want to eat it and the quality is amazing"

"This balm has become to addictive!"

"Anyone who knows me knows I love a lip balm! I'm so glad I can now feel good about applying something that's natural and Mint Sundae is delish!"



"Haven't left the house without Tension since I got it.
It's so nice to have something natural and convenient when my anxiety gets to be too much."

"Using the Nourish roller has changed my skin for the better. It was impossible to do before because of my eczema! Would highlighly recommend!"

"Obsessed with Tension. I always have it in my purse for when my anxiety gets bad. Wouldn't go anywhere without it now!"

"I used them all today and I love them so so so much. I'm definitely purchasing the rest of the oils. The Tension blend actually helped me, you don't know how ridiculous today was! Thank you so much. I love my lips love them and deodorant feels amazing and smells so good"

"Both the boys had croup this whole week and I've been applying the Tension and Immunity blend on them before bed and I can say that it has definitely helped! Like really relaxes their mind! And I love that when they run into me in the morning they smell so good :P And don't even get me started on the lip balm! I've been using that religiously!"

"Okay I love Nourish - It's helped my chin spots so much just in two days"