Oil Diffusers vs. Rollers

Oil Diffusers vs. Rollers

Which aromatherapy application is the best?

Essential Oils vs. Fragrances
Pure essential oils are derived directly from plants and are used as natural aids both physically and mentally. We always recommend a non-toxic, natural alternative as opposed to using a synthetic fragrance, as nature has provided us with intended benefits that have worked through the ages! Unnatural fragrances can contain nasty chemicals that when inhaled can cause respiratory issues, or when inĀ contact with the skin, can block hormones and cause dryness. Here are 3 aromatherapy applications and what makes them so popular!

1. Roller Blends

Roll on essential oil blends are an aromatherapy application perfect for specific points of tension on the body. Roller blends can be massaged into the body, on your neck, temples, wrists and tension areas. There are roller blends availableĀ as physical remedies like muscle aches or skin blemishes, as well as for improving mindfulness.

Through close proximity, most commonly rubbed onto the neck and temples, roller blends are inhaled for relaxation benefits. When applied directly to the skin,Ā natural oils absorb into the body andĀ can have physical healing properties too. The best part is, roll on essential oils have the perfect precision for healing small wounds or improving skin health such as reducing skin spots.

When making your own roll on essential oil blends, it's important to remember to always dilute the oils with a base such as coconut oil or jojoba oil. Natural oils can beĀ harsh on the skin if not diluted, but by diluting with a natural oil base like moisturising coconut oil, it's a win win!

Amber Botanics Sleep Blend below as example

Diffusers are great for creating an aroma throughout a room or the home. Both of the below options only require a few drops of essential oils in water.

2. Reed Diffusers
Reed diffusers are aĀ non-invasive option for around the home. These types of diffusers are often made using a glass bottle with rattan reeds inserted into the oil liquid. the reeds absorb the liquid and releases it into the air. Depending on the size of the room, reed diffusers can beĀ just what a room needs to keep it smelling fresh.

S'ol Factorie Reed Diffuser below as example

Ā 3. Electronic Diffusers

Finally, electric diffusers are a powerful aromatherapy tool, however they are the least environmentally friendly - using power and directly emitting scents into areas of the home. While you're able to change settings, be creative with the oils you use for each need, and can even use gentle diffusers your bubs nursery, their strength requires less essential oils, and we recommend using these for only 15-30 minutes at a time to keep the home safe.

Do you have pets?
You might be a fan, but you should remember that your dogs and cats are sensitive to those strong scents a diffuser can give off. Try to avoid keeping a diffuser in a room your pet sleeps or hangs around in, to minimise the scents they may inhale. Some oils are harmful for pets too, or you might find that your pet is not as much an essential oil fanĀ as yourself!

The Verdict
Roller blends, reed diffusers and electronic diffusers all serve a purpose for aromatherapy. Roller blends are a great precise way to target tension areas and aid in healing. Reed diffusers are often a subtle way to freshen up the room. Electronic diffusers can be a powerful and versitile way to relax. Essential Oil roller blends are by far our top pick as they provide both physical and mental healing properties, and allow you to be specific about when and where to use your blend - while keeping the pets safe!

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