Hard Water vs. Soft Water

Hard Water vs. Soft Water

Why distilled water is good for you

What is Hard Water?
Hard water is the water from your tap. The hard stuff!
It's filled with excess minerals like calcium and magnesium which can be good for you to consume. On the other hand if the water isn't clean, it can be contaminated with harsh chemicals, like paint being washed down the drain, and...whatever ends up in the ocean!

Let's look at your friendly neighbourhood tap water:

The not so good's of everyday Hard Water

  • Damage pipes & appliances - build up of harsh chemicals and minerals can means a shorter life for your dishwasher!
  • Leave residue when dried - hard water around the home can mean your dishes just won't be as shiny as they used to be, and showerheads and taps will be harder to clean.
  • Dry your skin and damage your hair - yikes! Hard water can strip the natural oils in your skin and hair, causing skin conditions or not feeling as 'fresh' as you could be!

    It's why all of our DIY green cleaning recipes include distilled water.

What is Soft water?
Soft water is not just filtered water, but water that has had all of it's nutrients stripped. No chemicals, no minerals...just clean liquid. It's water, now with added water. You get me.

Soft water is what we use in our natural body products, as one extra step to ensuring you get all the goodness your body needs to feel fresh.

  • Things will feel cleaner - soap will do it's job, whether you're washing your hands, cleaning your dishes or shampooing your hair.
  • Less build up - nothing but water will come into contact with your drains when cleaning with soft water. Just by using a product that has been made with only soft water, you're reducing the minerals that can harm your sink!
  • Your skin will feel better - reduced dryness, silkier skin!

How we make Soft Water
Soft water at Amber Botanics is made using a distiller. Steam rises from the surface leaving those minerals behind (seeya!) It softens the water and removes anything that simply isn't water... making it 100% pure.

 So while Hard Water is still recommended as your everyday drinking water when filtered, Soft Water provides the perfect uncontaminated base for cleaning your home and washing your hair and body!


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