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DIY Green Cleaning

  • DIY Iron Cookware Seasoning

    Both Oven seasoning and Stove Top seasoning are great natural ways to get the most out of your iron cookware.
  • DIY Window & Glass Cleaner with Colloidal Silver

    Window & Glass CleanerLow-tox alternative to glass cleaners Ideal for windows and mirrors. Why?The products we use from a supermarket can be ...
  • DIY Toilet & Shower Cleaner

    This easy Toilet & Shower Cleaner is a low-tox alternative to tile cleaners for mould, grime and soap scum.
  • DIY Soft Scrub Cleaner

    This easy Soft Scrub recipe is a low-tox alternative to cream cleaner, ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, sinks and benchtops.
  • DIY Fabric Softener

    This 2 ingredient Fabric Softener recipe is a low-tox alternative to chemical-filled products - easy to make and easy on your clothes!

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